Vision and Mission

Vision and mission –

A mission to conduct talent hunt examination at national level with the aim to enrich the schooling and learning of Mathematics, Science, English, General Knowledge and Mental ability to the school and college students by conducting talent hunt examination and challenging and encouraging the students to realize their intellectual potential by after appearing exams.

To acquire manage, operate and or own or carry on all the business of providing specialized and technical counseling & training services regarding Computer Courses (Hardware/Software). To establish awareness about the Computer Education and to increase General Knowledge, Aptitude and Soft Skills among the students of schools and colleges specially in tribal and rural areas. Organizing training / competition programs & exams related to Computer Courses for welfare of students. Also to participate in the programs organized by the government regarding computer education and other related areas. And any activity business and or undertaking whatsoever having any connection with any of the aforesaid activities and business or which may be considered or thought to be appropriately or expediently carried on therewith.