Do you provide hands-on computer training?

Yes. We provide hands-on computer training. We have computer labs here on site for classes which are equipped with computers and the related equipments. All of our computers are equipped with internet connections and the latest technology and softwares.

Do you allow students to retake their class?

Yes. Students can retake their class(es) within 1 year. They have to let us know in advance that they intend to take the class. This way we can try to accommodate them.

Do you provide certification exams on site?

We are working with Pearson VUE Testing Company to get a license from them. We would like to do it to provide a service to our students.

I want to change my career from sales to IT field. What do you suggest?

Please call us at +91-9981124291 and set-up an appointment to come in and speak with us.

I just want to learn computers for knowledge sake. I don’t need to work in the IT field or need certifications. Do you provide training for people like me?

Yes. We also have classes for those people who want to learn computers but don’t necessarily want or need to work in IT as they have other jobs.